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In a constantly evolving industry our clients need to stay one step ahead, and when securing new talent it’s more important than ever to be well prepared. We have developed a range of services that will help our clients to make those long-lasting connections with top talent seeking only the very best.

Whether you would benefit from an up to the minute interpretation of the sector and its talent pool, an overview of the industry enabling you to plan your growth or a credible introduction with a high-impact individual, we can add value to your ever-changing business.

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Executive search
Executive Search. Now more commonly used as a term to describe method of sourcing and securing talent, this is our primary tool and our key capability. By getting to know our clients in the manner we do allows us to influence a positive position within target individuals’ minds. We initiate and manage the complete process, from start to completion. This involves skills mapping and prioritising, targeting and ID, approach, evaluation and interviewing – to offer, negotiation and securing suitable appointment.
People intelligence
Market and People Intelligence and Talent Mapping. In our opinion, the primary factor in securing top drawer talent in today’s market is no longer just money; it’s often timing driven. This means we need to be constantly aware of adjusting behaviours in prospective candidates – perhaps due to economic or market driven volatility, or maybe due to M&A activity. Because we don’t spread our net too thinly and concentrate on those individuals we really do believe may make an impactful difference, we can ensure a close relationship based on trust and trusted information, is built over time. In turn, this can mean that our approaches, and the timing of such, can be more productive.
Torres delivers bespoke recruitment within the technology & communications industry.

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